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Onam Celebration at Heritage City College

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Onam Celebration at Heriyage City College

Heritage City College stands as a beacon of inclusivity and cultural harmony, emphasizing the significance of cherishing and celebrating all events with equal fervor and purpose. This ethos was beautifully exemplified during our recent Onam celebration. While Onam traditionally represents a rich harvest festival, at Heritage City College, it goes beyond that. We use this occasion to convey a profound message of growth and unity. Just as the festival symbolizes the abundance of nature, we believe in nurturing the abundance of knowledge and values within our diverse student body. Our Onam celebrations are a vivid tapestry of cultural performances, with students from different backgrounds coming together to showcase their talents. This blending of traditions and customs serves as a powerful reminder that diversity is our strength. We firmly believe that by celebrating all events equally, we encourage a sense of inclusivity, respect, and harmony among our students. The Onam feast, or ‘Onasadya,’ is an integral part of our celebration. It is an embodiment of the idea that, just as a diverse array of ingredients comes together to create a delicious meal, people from various backgrounds can unite to create a harmonious society. At Heritage City College, every event is an opportunity to learn, grow, and promote a message of unity and progress. Our commitment to celebrating all festivals equally underscores our dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals who will contribute positively to society.

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